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When was Blazin' Mongolian BBQ founded?

We purchased the restaurant in 2016 and brought our own creative twist.

Does Blazin' Mongolian BBQ accept reservations?

We gladly accept reservations for any party size. Why wait, make your reservation now online or call 602-358-7608.


I love your food can I get the recipe?

Unfortunately we are unable to share our recipes as they are trade secrets.  However, I've been know to give out the recipe for our chicken vegetable soup.

Does Blazin' Mongolian BBQ have options for individuals with Celiac's disease, gluten intolerance, or dietary concerns?

Yes we take great pride in ensuring all our guests with any allergies or dietary concerns are well taken care of.

Do you provide nutritional information for your meals?

Yes. All of our current nutritional information for our menu items is available on our website under 'Menu'. Near the bottom, click on the 'View Our Nutritional Information' button. However, if you are on a special diet program, please speak with one of our managers during your visit and we will do our best to make menu recommendations and accommodate your needs.

Yes, it based on the subtotal of the Catering order:
$0 – $300 = $15
$301 – $600 = $25
$600+ = $35
Delivery Fees cover the costs incurred to deliver.
Gratuity for your Driver is not included in the delivery fee and is at your discretion.


What is the minimum for Catering delivery?


Is there a delivery fee?

What is included in my Catering order?

Every order comes with white or brown steamed rice, plates, napkins, silverware, chopsticks, and soy sauce. A Catering Team Member will set up the order for your Guests.

Can I make a same day Catering Delivery order?

No, However, you can do a pick-up order as long as there is a two-hour lead time and the pick-up is from 12:00PM – 5:00PM. If outside of this time frame, please directly reach out to the Restaurant.

Do you offer chafing dishes?

Yes, we offer disposable wire racks, sternos, and full pans to hold water for an additional fee.

Do you offer staff to remain onsite during catered events?

Please reach out the local Catering Sales Manager or Restaurant to inquire.

What is Blazin' Mongolian BBQ's Cancellation Policy?

All order should be finalized within 48 hours of the event. Cancellation of a premium catering job will be charged the $150 reservation fee.

For all changes , please directly reach out to the Restaurant.

How many people does each pan feed?

Each pan is designed for 6-8 Clients.

Can I change my order after I have placed it online?

Is gratuity included?

It is not included. Our Catering Delivery Drivers are responsible for ensuring the food is properly prepared, packed, and labeled. He/She then makes the delivery and sets up for the event. Gratuity for your driver can be added at your discretion.

Is my Catering order set up or dropped off?

All Catering items are set up unless otherwise instructed. Clients can also place pick-up Catering orders.

Is there a pre-authorization on my credit card after placing my order?

No, However you will be charged a non-refundable charge of $150 for premium catering and charged the full amount for pick-up or delivery options for standard catering.

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